This webpage is about Bible prophecy of last days, end times, return of Christ, rapture, seven year tribulation, glorious appearance, wrath of God, 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 vials.





All that are born again

-         have less than seven years to live

-         on this earth to contribute

-         until the tribulation MUST start

-         Israel MUST sign the seven year peace treaty with Europe

-         before the February 5th 2019=1st Door

-         Which designates the start of the tribulation

-         because our "generation shall not pass" (die)

-         this last generation started 1967.5

-         in the six day war

-         when Israel took control of Jerusalem

-         as the prophecy in Daniel 9:24 about 70 weeks concerned the “holy city”

-         so the end-time generation could not begin until Israel took control of Jerusalem

-         the duration in time for this final generation = 51.6 solar years

-         calculated from the 14+14+14 of (Mathew 1:17)

-         I believe that this duration is the correct time for the last generation

-         because this was the one used to accurately

-         predict the rebirth of Israel

-         right down to the very day

-         I read this in the book “Armageddon”, by Grant Jeffrey

-         So 1967.5+51.6 = 2019.1 is first door =(rapture)

-         which will happen before the year 2020

-         That is why I call this a 2020 Vision

-         If you add 6.9-(7 Hebrew years) = 2026

-         this is the second door of Mathew 24:33

-         when Jesus sets His feet on earth

-         This is not the date of the rapture

-         (Mat 24:36) “But of that day and hour knoweth no man,

-         this is the day that the rapture MUST happen before

-         which we are not only allowed to know

-         but we are commanded to know

-         in (Mat 24:33) “know that it is near, EVEN AT THE DOORS

-         where the doors are deadlines

-         (doors that Jesus must pass through, in order to fulfill prophecy)

-         notice that doors are plural, this is because of the rapture

-         when He will first arrive “meet the Lord in the air” (I Thes 4:17)

-         Which no man can know

-         How is this the same arrival as

-         When He comes at the end of the tribulation

-         Which everyone will not only know

-         But we will no doubt be counting down the days until

-         Christ’s arrival to this earth in all of His Glory

-         At the end of the last day of the 7 year peace treaty


AGAIN, this does not break any of God’s Rules

We still do not know the day nor hour of when the Knock will come,

But we can now know the must happen by or before date,

We are allowed to know the Doors=deadlines,

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